33rd Degree – Conference for Java Masters

Beside attending to agile conferences, I’m trying not to get too far from technical issues. It’s quite hard to stay close to main stream, but at least I try. This time, I thought it would be worth to send few of our engineers to 33rd Degree conference. Yes, I thought it is a good idea. Yes, I believed that everyone would like to go there. And guess what. Surprise! It was hard to find 4th one. So I decided to use last ticket, have some fun, meet few valuable players from the top leagues. And guess what, after first day, I must say it is really worth it.

I was late of the first part, so I’ve started from Dan North‘s session about making decisions and trade-offs. His main clue was, I think, not to be an orthodox in decision making. Find as much tools as you can to decide which solution use, how interpret the context you have and so one. He is real great at stage. There was also second speech with Dan North about programming patterns. How to become effective and how to change the state of mind to choose proper goals and techniques to achieve those goals.

Second speaker was Ted Neward. Damn it! He is just great! Such speaker really makes the difference! His talk was about Iconoclasm and how to become valueable to organisation you are working for. A lot of comparisions between US, Europe, Asia. A lot of example of great people who just changed the world. I’ve also decided to listen to Ted’s second speech about architectures. A lot of information, details about problems and trade-offs architects have to make during work. Why is so hard to define the role of architect and why is so important to have good architects.

Between 1th and 2nd sessions of Ted and Dan, there was Nathaniel T. Schutta talk about how to stay close to technology mainstream. How to realize and accept that there is so much resources in the world and you just can’t read it all! And how to sell new technology to business people in the way the like it. Great talk about small things which can let you steal some time you can invest in your own.

The very important thing is that no matter which talk, no matter what topic, agile was everywhere. Each talk had something about how to make small steps, how accept failures and fears. How to invest time and improve yourself every day.

Can’t way to get more on the 2nd and 3rd day! Stay in touch!

Some update about second and third day. Second day was a little bit lazy. Most of the talks were really interesting but some of them were just disappointing. The best talks on the second day, I think, were Sławomir Sobótka with Domain Driven Design (data modeling join people better than drinking vodka;)) and Venikat Subramaniam with NoSQL. That were amazing examples how much knowledge you can get in hour long speak. Thanks to Sławek for showing how important data modeling is, where use it and of course how hard is to do it right. Venikat Subramaniam is really amazing on stage. The crowd’s just lowed him. A lot of great example about what NoSql  is, what are the constraints and possible usage. In one hour I found a dozen of commercial possibilities to use it. Many thanks for it!

The third day was a little bit shorter. Again great talks from Venikat Subremaniam (how easy is to forget how human core values are important and especially how it influneces developers work). A bunch of examples about how Romans, Greeks, renaissance, great thinkers and how easy become resister from former revolutionizer. Fortunately “world has automatic garbage collector” to deal with it 🙂 The last talk, by Hadi Hariri from JetBrains, was about what is the most important thing in being developer, and what is so easily forgettable – the developers role is to resolve other people problem. So simple but so easily abandoned thing in our daily basis, when developers become closed to customers and justo stop to care, when the processes become much more important than relationships. That talk was really, really needed. I think, it was like cold shower after few days of talks about technology stuff, raising productivity, new languages and so one. No matter what language do you use, where you work, your main job as developer is help other to solve their problems! 

Organistation and location were quite good, nice snacks, juice, coffee and as always – wifi sometimes sucked:) There were some problems with serving lunch (too many people in a queue:) ). Nice thing was Oreilly point where you could bought great books in cool prizes! My wife will hang me when she find new books on shelves:)

I’ll definitely come next year, I hope it will as least as good as this one was.


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